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With our process you will be able to obtain metal parts with:

We use the lost wax casting model

The waxes we use have a great advantage over ordinary casting materials as they give rise to castings that have extremely good surface characteristics, defined edges and dimensional stability. They also have a low coefficient of expansion, have medium viscosity in liquid state and are easily extracted in the dies, they are 100% recoverable.

These are some of its main characteristics

  1. Adequate resistance
  2. Tenacity and elasticity
  3. Moldability
  4. Adequate solidification behavior
  5. Reduced shrinkage
  6. Uniformity
  7. Good aging characteristics
  8. Wide melting range
  9. Good heat stability
  10. Exceptionally good demoulding

Advantages of our process

  • It is mainly adapted to the production of extremely complex shapes and therefore offers the maximum freedom in the design and configuration of the parts
  • It allows the reproduction of the finest details of the pieces, leaving the surfaces smooth and uniform
  • Through these processes it is possible to strictly control the metallurgical properties of the alloys obtained, such as: size and orientation of the grains, directional solidification, control of the segregation and content of inclusions, elimination of micro-cavities, etc., which results in a close control of the mechanical properties.
  • Excellent dimensional accuracy, which minimizes machining, and in some cases eliminates it; this operation is very common in conventional casting processes, which makes it adaptable for die making and for the production of difficult-to-machine alloys.
  • Precision casting processes produce the best results in terms of mechanical properties.