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Moulds for casting or tooling

Base tool, or mechanical device used to reproduce the geometry of the part to be cast. Generally made of metal, basically aluminum if we talk about lost wax. It is obtained through machining processes, calculating the metallic contractions and developing the geometric contour of the piece to be obtained.

Tooling Design

The tooling cannot exceed the dimensions of the parts MetalCast produces, i.e. 20 inches per side.

Number of cavities

  • The number of tooling cavities depends on the monthly volume of parts that the customer requests and the size of those parts.   
  • The higher the volume of parts, the more cavities in the mold.
  • If the piece is large, it may be necessary to make other moulds.

Tooling life

It is calculated from 30 thousand to 40 thousand injections, after these operations a general maintenance is recommended, or the manufacture of a new tool.