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Since we are able to provide the process of machining metal parts, we have in the market 39 years of experience, with us you will get an excellent product. Since we have the highest quality standards with which we can exceed your expectations.

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Machining of metal parts

It is a controlled process of cutting the raw material into the right shape and size.

Machining is also known as a material removal operation, to distinguish it from new material addition processes.

Machinery and its applications

  • In MetalCast we have conventional machines for cutting and machining, lathes, milling drills and an erosion machine.
  • We also have modern versions of this equipment; CNC (computer numerical control) and CNC lathe (turret lathe cnc).

Workshop experience

The staff of our machining workshop has more than 20 years of experience, therefore, we can develop any type of machining project; starting from castings.